What Is Personnel Management All About

In a business organization, the most important and complex resource is people working there. So, personnel management is all about making the most effective use of the skill of human resources in a company. It also consists in providing training to personnel to enhance their skills, so that they can achieve the goals of the organization in a more efficient manner and faster.

Personnel management begins with the recruitment of requisitely qualified personnel for a company. It further involves directing their growth through the ranks. It is also concerned with how to channelize the energies of personnel in a way that will maximize the turnover of the organization. The Human Resources department in a company is entrusted with the personnel management function. Executives in the department known as Personnel Managers discharge the function of personnel management.

Personnel management tasks include the classification of jobs, preparation of wages, and the fixation of salary scales of employees at all the various levels in an organization. It is concerned with disciplinary action against errant employees and also their counseling. It is also concerned with service contracts and negotiations with employee unions.

Personnel management function in an organization also includes the development of safety standards and best practices. It manages benefit programs in respect of employees such as retirement, health, and group insurance. The personnel management function also encompasses the annual performance reviews of employees. It consists in grading the performance of employees and establishing their training needs.

Personnel management is also focused on the development of employees and their grooming for enabling them to function at higher levels. Personnel management is responsible for the optimum training of qualified employees. It is also involved in sponsoring employees for attending seminars relevant to the area of their functioning.

One of the most important personnel management functioning is that of reporting to the higher management of the company. Reports on employee appraisals and their performance all move to the higher management through the personnel management function.

It is also very much involved in maintaining a database of qualified candidates suitable for a specific vacancy in an organization. This helps the organization to rapidly replace an outgoing efficient employee with a suitable candidate, without significantly affecting the work of the company.

The personnel management function also copes with the issues of sexual harassment and equal employment opportunity in an organization. It is also responsible for employee welfare schemes such as the establishment and supervision of the functioning of employee canteens.

The work of personnel managers in an organization is vast and the personnel management function is mostly a thankless job. Many complex issues are required to be simultaneously resolved within tight deadlines by the personnel management function. The role of personnel management in an organization is completely crucial to the achievement of its goals.

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